Smithsonian Channel, Vice President Production, Charles Poe
"I have gone through the SAMURAI HEAD-HUNTERS script and I am pleased to see many of the same approaches that worked so well in NINJA. I have no doubt it will be a beautiful and compelling film, as NINJA was."


THE SUN, TV Magazine, 14 June 2013
"This fascinating docudrama follows historians as they unearth the dark secrets about the Samurai while reseraching the tragic story of one young warrior."


ZDF Enterprises, Director ZDFE.factual, Nikolas Hülbusch:
"We were very happy to get involved with this amazing documentary as the international distributor. Well-researched history shows such as SAMURAI HEADHUNTERS with stunning dramatic recreation, high-end CGI effects and profound international expert statements are in permanent demand among buyers and commissioning editors for factual slots worldwide, especially, if they shed light on a chapter of history which evokes numerous stereotypes and myths, but is in fact little-known internationally."